My name is Dallas Wilson. Together with my sister Danielle, who happens to be an amazingly talented assistant, we capture and tell the story of your beautiful wedding. We know that your wedding is one of the most important days in your life, not to mention the culmination of months and months of planning. Obviously you want someone who is going to capture it's grace and elegance to the fullest!  Let me tell you what sets us apart.

We pay attention to every single detail of your wedding day. Our greatest strength is capturing every single emotional moment, and editing it in a way that moves you.  Danielle and I come from a musical background and  that is our specialty. When we edit the film, we find those magic moments of your wedding day and combine the perfect bed of music in a way that gives viewers the chills!  We pride ourselves on putting in extra energy and intuition into editing your film, so it will tell the most accurate cinematic story of your big day. Editing the film takes several days to make it absolutely perfect.  Each wedding is so uniquely beautiful.  Documenting those moments and retelling that beauty is what we love to do

We're excited to meet with every couple before their wedding. This is one of the most important parts of the process. We take the responsibility of documenting your wedding day very seriously and we like to get to know you personally before the big day. We feel this process creates a high trust and comfort level between us and helps us capture your story in the best way possible !


-I was born in Nashville TN! Brentwood High School!!

-I love grew up playing music, which led to music videos!.. Then I found my passion in shooting weddings!

-I LOVE filming people in love!! 

-I also get to write songs as a profession for "Riser House Records" 

-Danielle and I have choreographed dances we will perform at your wedding if you request (LOL, kidding not really) 

-I'm in love with the lake and the beach and anything to do with water!!

-I won't stop editing a wedding video until it makes me cry!! 

-I love my friends and family!! 

-I'm blessed to have this job and take it really seriously!! :) 

-Check out our Instagram !!! @dallaswilsonweddingfilms




For as long as I can remember, our mom" Momma Donna," always had the video camera out.  I believe that planted the seed for our love of filmmaking. As kids, if we weren’t filming skits, we were either playing sports, going to Center Hill Lake, leading worship at church, or interning for our high school film program. Wedding films became our main focus when I was a junior in high school and since then we have filmed over 100 weddings together! 



 I am a film major at Western Kentucky University. I will be graduating May 2017 and will be moving back to Nashville, TN. I spend most of my days editing weddings, working out at Barre Co. and playing music.

It is such a blessing to be able to spend time with a couple on one of  the happiest day of their lives. I love being able to give them a video that captures real life moments so that they can relive their special day. Filming weddings brings me so much joy and I’m extremely thankful to be doing what I love with my brother - who I also call my best friend.


Gallery photos by Haley Ringo, Greg SmitTara Sierra, Teale Gunter, Andrew YontzNathan Westerfield, Christina Bacon, and Jessie Holloway.